Real Estate Therapy for You & Your Home!

Are you and your home having relationship issues?  Perhaps it no longer feels fresh and exciting, and you’re the one feeling old as a result.  While you’ve had a lot of good years; weathered many a storm, watched the kids grow up and even survived the reality television boom together, here you are, experiencing all the classic signs of a mid-life crisis: boredom, restlessness, anxiety and irritability – questioning past decisions and the meaning of life.

OR -- Maybe,  you and your home feel stuck in a rut; the honeymoon stage is over. You’ve grown in a very short period, but your home has not – it stubbornly stays stuck in time but you’re ready for life’s next chapter.

You and your home may need relationship counseling. It could help you determine whether you’re willing to make things work, what it will take to make it work and/or if it’s time to move on. That’s where I come in…


As a certified R3 coach, I work with clients to determine what their relationship needs in order to be successful long term. You might need something as simple as a

REFRESH (a fresh new look can do wonders for self-esteem issues) or perhaps you need a

REMODEL (a little lift or tuck can makes anyone feel young again) or maybe you just need to

RELOCATE (sometimes growing up means respectfully growing apart).

In all seriousness, there are so many components that go into deciding what to do with your house to make it feel like home again. Along with my team of experts, I will help you determine what’s best for you and your family as you enter the next age and stage of your life and your homes.


Refresh and Renew?

We help you rethink your existing space and furniture. Sometimes, moving or recovering furniture, adding fresh, new colors and textures and incorporating new accessories into a room is all you need to fall in love with your home again.


Remodel Worth it?

Your home should stay on pace with your evolving lifestyle, which may require bigger changes. Whether it’s updating the hub of your home with a kitchen redo, adding space for an aging parent, turning the office into a nursery for your first (or fourth) bundle of joy or simply switching from carpet to hardwood, we can help you decide whether it makes sense or if you should sell.


Time to Relocate?

If a refresh isn’t enough change, and a remodel feels like too much to invest; maybe it’s time to consider a bigger option; moving. We'll help you determine what you need next from a home AND  help you end the chapter with your existing house so you can move on with minimal stress and fond memories.


Set up a discovery call to get it all out!  What are your pain points and how can our team help you.


Meet the experts!  We will set up our complimentary in home visit to learn a little more about where this relationship is failing you....

Determine the key to your heart.  We ask lots of questions about what your hopes and dreams are for your home and the near & distant future.

What's the bottom line? After providing you a market analysis of your home, some basic &   general costs about what your best play is -- we will determine next steps so we can dig even deeper to find a solution.