Denise Perkins August 21, 2019

Our Story is Your Story – Kendra and Dusty

Ready for a bigger house for their family of 5 but still wanting to stay in the same community, Kendra & Dusty had heard that it was still next to impossible to write a contingent offer on a house. (Real Estate speak — the need to sell your house prior to buying another home, thus an offer on anther home is “contingent” on the sale of this home).

Since I’ve experienced positive results when writing contingent offers we decided to give it a try. A lot of the success has to do with being prepared to list your house in a short amount of time when you do find the house you want to buy! I conducted a walk-through on their home, created a punch list of things they needed to do to prepare their home for a fast sale. Additionally, we conducted a home inspection so potential buyers would be able to feel confident that they home they were buying was well maintained and good value. This also helps in the quick turn time for timing when it goes on the market.

When they did find a home they were ready to write an offer on we were ready to go. With an offer accepted we were ready to list the house within a week! Extensive research on home prices in their neighborhood and what was selling we were able to price it competitively and sell the house the first day it was on the market. Check it out!