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It’s a Wild Ride — Our NEW Staycation and State of Market

As I end the third week at with my kids and begin to live with what appears to be the new normal for a while  — I can finally wrap my head around what we’re up against — okay not totally — however, I can tell where we are today!    This week we entered a new realm — a new state of the Real Estate market that I’m not sure has ever been experienced before ( at least not in the 10 years that’s I’ve been working in this industry).  Up until this week things had been seemingly “normal”  — We could at least take our clients too homes, and proceed with the marketing plans for our listings (including pre-inspections, photos, staging)  — now we are no longer able to conduct business as usual.

With so much information flying around regarding our current state of affairs, I thought it might be helpful for you to know what’s happening on the real estate scene. We continue to receive many questions regarding whether or not it’s a good time to buy or sell, and quite frankly there is neither a right or wrong answer.

For many, transacting real estate is a voluntary action. But for others, the need to buy or sell isn’t so optional. Relocations, changes in life circumstance, and a host of other reasons may or may not influence this.

Regardless of which situation you happen to find yourself in, I will continue to provide insight on what to do — over the next few weeks as things begin to unfold I will provide a weekly updates in my Facebook Live’s.  You can like my page at to see these weekly updates.

I will provide weekly updates and offer tips and tricks of how to get through this wild ride that we are on.  Buyers Tips, Sellers Tips, discussion regarding whether or not we should be remodeling or selling.

To Your Health!